Friday, February 23, 2007

Kalahi Support Team

Jan.26 Band Encounter 2007 / Phil. Embassy Riyadh

Band Encounter 2007 is a project sponsored by The United OFW. Itaguyod ang Talentong Pinoy!

The Drums are set...
The Girls are anxious...

Atat na c Jake!

D na mapakali ang mga band...

Inip na ang mga audience...

Nang chi-chiks na c Kiko...

Nag kalat na ang mga instrumento sa venue...ATAT NA SILA!

The sun is down...SIGE NA!

Completo na? Nag kape pa sila! Saan na?

The sound system is SET and the bands are ready to Rock & Roll!

GO GO GO!!!!

Jan.26 Band Encounter 2007 / I



Jan.26 Band Encounter 2007 / II

Flash Dreams

Fermata "D' Kulitz"

Rithmo Band

Power House

Jan.26 Band Encounter 2007 / III

Suite Case

Cookie Monster

Desert Band

Black Gap

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kalahi Gig May 4, 2006

Kalahi on the loose!! It's been a while since our last gig and last week we are invited to a 2-day community affair at the Philippine Embassy. One of our axeman, Jake has gone for holiday, still lucky to have another axeman, Ramy :) so we decided to prepare songs in coherent with the said event. Everything is in rushh grrr, tshirts, lyrics, food, transpo, practice, we have a week to prepare and sacrifices has been made, thanks to the supportive management, all stuffs are available and song materials have been distributed to each band member. The event was successful, "Handog Pasasalamat sa Manggagawang Pilipino" was held on Thursday and "TFC Pop Star" Elimination Night on Friday.

Kalahi covered Original Filipino Rock songs during the event, the band has reached another forte, the essence of Pinoy Rock touch the listeners, as if everybody nodded, applauded on each songs played, it was the nicest feedback ever. Hope that Kalahi is getting closer on its music. More surprises coming your way, cheers!!!

Keep on going guys, Ram, Jun, Tolits, Mac, Alex, Edgar, Larry, Amir.

Acknowledged: TFC Pop Stars Contestants, SE Production, TFC, Guhit Pinoy Group, Edbon.

Special Thanks: Jake, Ronnie, Nino, Boy 1, Boy 2, Tata, Nonoy. Boyet, Jason, Bonbon, all listeners of the event.

Moral Support and Friends: Arman, Arnold, Joy, Mel, Ismael, Arden, Derick, Charlie, Phil & Kitchie.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


We decided to get back to our original name Kalahi, it's just right for the band and it's music. We are into Metal Rock this time, with Jake around doing all the lead work and Ram on the rhythm guitar, Mac on the bass, and our ever diehard drummer Tolits, I think the band has found it's chemistry. Though we have this heavy metal set, we also have another set which is more on the acoustic music. They are Amir, Larry and Edgar. It seem's everybody is happy with the new set up.

Fridays Rock